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About Us

About Us

The expertise of our contractors is your guarantee that our drywall repair services will be outstanding. We're modern and thorough technicians, promise the best patch repair in California, and can install new ceilings and walls with efficiency and at your convenience.

Address: The Old Rd
Castaic, California
Zip code: 91384
Phone: 661-281-0358

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our company has the best draftsmen and technicians and guarantees full professional drywall services and tile replacement and installation

Drywall Repair Castaic” is not distinguished solely for its amazing technical capacities but also its elegance. Our work demands both expert technical knowledge and creativity. It requires a great and knowledgeable residential & commercial drywall draftsman, experience and the right materials. When it comes to constructions, stability is the number one priority. It is ours, too! But we never forget the value of good taste and high aesthetics when we help you choose tiles and textures or when we are hanging drywall curved ceilings.

If you want the best for your property, call us at: 661-281-0358

Don't forget that our services range from simple hole patch repair to the replacement and installation of various types of tiles. We can cover a great variety of your needs, fix problems and help you when planning drywall home remodel.

A professional team that cares

Surely, you are asking yourself why choosing us over other companies! Let us help you make a decision.

* We have the most fantastic team. Every one of our professionals has great knowledge and experience. You can be rest assured that we have specialized technicians for all your needs. We have experienced draftsmen, repairmen and office staff ready to answer your questions and make your appointments. Good customer service is everyone's priority. Excellent work, too!

* We have exceptional, special equipment for the elevation of heavy and large drywalls and in order to do our job right and with precision

* We don't just choose coatings and materials, we choose the best qualities. We make sure they comply with the drywall safety regulations and are suitable for interior use

* We are fast when you need water damaged Sheetrock repair or when you have similar serious problems and try to find the most effective solution so that the problem will be eliminated

* We study your drywall plans well, and discuss your desires with you, offer our own recommendations and make sure they are implemented perfectly

There's nothing better than trusting a company, which can save you during awful situations and do all the thinking for you during long projects. We are this company! Drywall Repair Castaic is your solution when tiles need replacement but also when you want to remodel your home. So, don't be reluctant! Call our company for every need!

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